Nurture your team
Nurture your team

Check in to the online platform that supports the health and care community.

At Etho, we believe in looking after the wellbeing of the individual in order to strengthen the team. One simple daily check in allows you to note your frame of mind and log your way of working.

We create transparency within health and care communities, showing who is available across organisations and regions. On Etho, everyone is visible (if they choose to be).

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How Etho Active team™ works for you

Check in

It takes just seconds to share your location and work status.

Dr Janet Smith

Join together

See the availability and whereabouts of your team members.

Feed back

Anonymously record how you’re feeling each day.

Choose how this information is shared.

How it works for organisations


Team leaders see real-time status updates for their people 

– including absence due to Covid-19 isolation or caring responsibilities.


Recognise staff issues early with wellbeing feedback and trend reports.


Etho works across CCG, countywide and ICS areas; helping to unite our fragmented organisational teams into one health and care community.

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About us

Founded by front-line clinicians, Etho's mission is to solve the workforce crisis with a focus on the wellbeing of healthcare teams. We believe that those who dedicate themselves to caring for others should be able to enjoy long, happy and fulfilling careers.

Our vision is to produce good data that enhances the health care system. We aim to share insight and forecasting with everyone; those responsible for large-scale planning, and also small organisations and individuals looking to shape their future. By positioning personal needs in parallel with those of the organisation, all will benefit.

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