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What makes a happy workplace?

Start with a structure around which a positive workplace culture can grow. Use it to learn, develop and continuously improve.

Facilitate collaboration

People are happy when systems run smoothly and effective coordination minimises disruption.

Nurture a listening culture

Trust and loyalty are built through active listening and positive action in response to problems.

Etho helps hybrid teams thrive

Etho is designed to aid hybrid working and increase team wellbeing.

Our intuitive app enables the efficient coordination of people, while proactive daily check-ins protect individuals' mental health and capture real-time morale.

The Etho engagement cycle


Give people a compelling reason to engage daily.

Help them to feel safe and connected.

Make remote and flexible workers feel included.


Listen proactively and without judgement.

Celebrate the good.

Identify problems early.


Show that you have been listening.

Respond at the right time.

Provide targeted support.

Etho works at any scale, from small teams and peer-support groups, to large multi-site workforces.

Benefits of Etho

Team coordination

Our team check-in connects staff across locations, remote and mobile working.

Building safety

Our location-based sign-in ensures that all staff are accounted for to ensure fire safety, including guests.

Real-time data

Discover issues with workforce capacity and morale in real time.

Early insight

Monitor trends and recognise the impact of changes before they escalate.

Reduced turnover

Avoid losing the people that you have worked hard to recruit and train.

Improved productivity

Happy people are more productive and have an increased capacity to care.

What about a wellbeing programme?

Without a positive workplace culture, wellbeing programmes often fail to make an impact.

Seeking a sustainable future for healthcare

Founded by front-line clinicians, Etho's mission is to solve the workforce crisis in health and social care.

We believe that those who dedicate themselves to caring for others should enjoy long, happy careers. Aside from personal fulfilment, evidence shows that happy people are more productive and provide better quality care.

This broad aim cannot be achieved by implementing quick-fix programmes to manage people through crisis. It requires a long-term, collaborative approach that allows for listening, learning and improvement. Our data-led methods aim to take the guesswork out of workforce planning.

Built for healthcare – applicable everywhere

Healthcare is a complex and high-stress environment. Our methods translate across organisations in every sector.

At Etho, we're interested in people. From facilitating hybrid working, to building safety, maintaining team morale, or connecting with external networks, we've got you covered.

Feedback for Etho

“After a recent bereavement and some family issues, my scores were low two days in a row on the Etho app. This triggered two of my GP partners to check on me. I was struggling to verbalise how I felt at the time.”
Staff member, Etho site
9/10 - average score given in response to the question 'how do you feel about entering a wellbeing score?'
Staff member, Etho site
“Knowing which staff members are ‘ok’ is of great value. This has allowed support to be focused where it’s most needed.”
Health & Wellbeing Champion, Etho site

Nurture your people

Etho makes it simple to shape a happy workplace.
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