Q. How is Etho Active Team different?
A. Etho connects logistical functionality – letting your team know that you are available and working at a location – with personal wellbeing. This matters because a daily interaction is more likely to pick up when things are not going well.
We give team leaders an overview of where their people are working and how they are feeling. Support needs are easily identified and can be acted upon promptly. With our simple daily check in, it becomes routine to feed back when you are well.
Q. Who does my user account belong to, me or my organisation? 
A. You. Control of what shows up and where is entirely yours. Our user experience is built around this. You can add multiple organisations and seamlessly check in and out of them all as you wish.
Q. Can I set up my own account or does an organisation need to do it?
A. You are free to set up your own account and use it to track your team activity and wellbeing across work locations and organisations.
Q. What sort of organisation can use Etho Active team?
A. GP practices, pharmacies, hospitals (and their departments), care homes, home care providers, charities, volunteer groups – the list goes on. We can create an Active Team™ list for you and connect your organisation to our wider health and care community.
Q. My team includes people from different organisations – can we use Active Team?
A. Yes. Many positives arise from working together as one team that crosses organisational boundaries.
Q. My organisation has not signed up to Etho – can my team use the platform?
A. Yes. We can set up teams so that you can see who checked in at your locations or at home. You can use the wellbeing functionality on a personal level as you wish.
Q. Will everyone be able to see where I am?
A. When you check into an organisation with Active Team™ you are visible to other signed-in users who are linked to that organisation AND also checked in. You will show up anonymously in cross-organisational lists as part of the total numbers.
Q. How much time does it take per day for me/my employees to enter the data?
A. A few seconds.
Q. What wellbeing support do you offer to staff?
A. Our platform is designed to help people to recognise when they may require help – offering targeted signposting to support services at the time of need. Etho acts as a daily check on personal wellbeing.
Q. What wellbeing support do you offer to organisations?
A. We provide quick access to trends in team wellbeing and (where it is shared) we can provide insight into an individual’s state of mind. We recognise that managers are busy and may not have the time to respond to every request for support that Etho identifies. We offer signposting to self management and organisations that can help your team members to manage their own wellbeing. Managers are able to concentrate on those individuals with the greatest need, meaning that support can be provided promptly.
Q. Can Active Team™ be used for building management?
A. Absolutely. The building management system and fire register are one of its core functions. Reports for CQC inspections can be generated easily.
Q. Is Etho a responsible company?
A. Yes. We believe that a company should behave ethically and responsibly. At Etho we are committed to acting in the best interests of all of our stakeholders and in an environmentally conscious manner.